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Canadian Sphynx


The Canadian Sphynx (Canadian Sphynx) have been selectively bred since the 1960s. They are the most widespread breed of hairless cats today.  

The history of the Canadian Sphynx breed began with the birth of the hairless male Prune in Canada. Prune was born on January 31, 1966 to a black and white domestic cat in Ontario, Canada. In addition to kittens with normal hair, there were also hairless animals in the litter  arose from a spontaneous mutation.  

Appearance (WCF):

The medium-sized cat is muscular, round and robust. It has a relatively fine bone structure.

The thorax is broad and massive, the abdomen rounded. The legs are also finely built, but muscular and solid. The front legs are set wide apart due to the broad chest.

The paws are oval with long toes (monkey fingers).

The tail is long and slender, whipped and naked. A small tuft at the top (lion's tail) is allowed.


Medium sized head, modified slightly rounded wedge, slightly longer than wide, with a short, firm, pronounced and rounded muzzle and prominent cheekbones. Slight stop at the bridge of the nose.

The neck is of medium length and muscular.


The ears are strikingly large and set wide apart. They are wide at the base and the inside is hairless. A slight drop at the base of the back of the ear is permissible.


The eyes are large, lemon-shaped and slightly slanted.

The distance between the eyes is slightly larger than the width of the eyes.

Eye color must match skin color.


The skin is only covered by a light down. It has the look and texture of the

Human skin and has the same functions. There are wrinkles on the forehead,

the neck and legs. Slight adjustment to the muzzle is allowed.

The Sphynx cat is very friendly and affectionate. She loves her human idolized and can sometimes be downright pushy. She is spirited and playful.  Sphynx are very social animals and should not be kept alone,  Keeping more cats makes them happy!

Because the average energy requirement of a Sphynx is higher, they require more food than other breeds.  The ears should be cleaned regularly  and claws are cut.




A breed of American Curl and Canadian Sphynx, Elfcats are hairless cats with clock tips "bent" toward each other. The starting point for breeding was the idea that a mixture of mutations that occur independently of one another should not lead to health problems in the offspring. This gave rise to the elf cat with curved ears.  The first kittens of this new breed saw the light of day in 2006.

With Elf cats, all colors and patterns are possible and permissible. Adult elves can weigh up to 7kg, with males being larger than females.

Elf cats are very intelligent, playful and social. You like to be the center of attention, you are something else  cuddly than normal Sphynx and need just as much feline companionship.

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